Brand spankin’ new office

At the start of the year, we moved into a larger office—one that could accommodate bigger projects and our growing team. The airy, modern space is not just a place where we work—it’s a place that inspires our work. 

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230 West Superior
Ready When You Are

Cutting-edge mobile technology creates a delightful, personalized experience for Eastman customers. Our iOS app knows when you’re within a block of an Eastman store, placing your order at the precise moment so you never wait in line and never have a cold meal.

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Eastman Egg Company
Proudly Printed in the USA

Working closely with the Field Notes team to evaluate every step of their ordering and fulfillment process, we re-engineered their entire e-commerce ecosystem. From the front-end site experience to back-end systems and workflows, we created an efficient, engaging, and award winning solution for the iconic notebook brand.

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Field Notes
Make it Personal

As the world's largest brand experience company underwent a massive rebranding effort to unify all aspects of their business, One Design led the design, content strategy, copywriting, and development of their new site—a content-publishing powerhouse. 

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Space to Thrive

Collaborating closely with international AEC firm Ghafari Associates, we crafted a new brand strategy and visual identity system, brought to life through a modern website and a range of digital- and print communication materials.

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Invest in What Matters

After launching in 2015, we continued our collaboration with the real estate icon to evolve their content strategy and enhance the site experience.

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Harnessing Nature

The messaging strategy, identity system, and site experience that we designed for Indigo positioned them far away from “big agriculture” and embodied the company’s unique philosophy and approach. 

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Indigo Agriculture
How We Move From A to B

One Design worked with the innovative energy company to develop a unique brand with a memorable and meaningful name, striking visual identity, and compelling website that resonates with a broad, progressive audience. 

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Modo Fuels
The Power to Excel

Hot on the heels of establishing a brand strategy and visual identity for the OEM logistics company, we directed videos, created a suite of communication materials, and launched a global website—all designed to help Optimas make its mark within the industry.

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Dine Well Dine Together

Our work on brand strategy, visual identity, and the suite of tactics a modern restaurant needs to operate has helped this neighborhood haven find its north star— unifying their team while helping them connect with new customers.

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Tortoise Supper Club
Sticks and Stones

One Design Company was honored to be included in Typeforce VII, an annual juried exhibition of typographic artists. Our piece, “Sticks and Stones,” was an interactive conceptual installation designed to demonstrate the potentially destructive power of language.

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